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Investment Manager Search and Selection - Standard Tender

Our experienced team will work closely with you to assess the strongest and most suitable investment management companies.

Based on your requirements, our team will Identify and recommend managers to invite to tender from our universe of UK charity investment managers. Our tender process is an open one and we’re happy to include any managers that you would like to invite, even if they are not within our universe.

Our clients can recover all or most of the tender costs by incorporating a discount request within the tendering process.

We’ll work with you throughout the tender process from drafting the tender documents, assessing the responses, short-listing, interviewing and appointing investment managers covering the following areas:

Understand your requirements

Conduct a profiling exercise to gain a full understanding of the investment needs of your Charity including risk profile, income requirements, investment and performance objectives, future capital requirements, investment restrictions, ethical/socially responsible criteria and service requirements.

Gather in-depth, like for like, information

Develop and agree with you the tender documents for the required investment management services and design a comprehensive questionnaire to gather information from the investment management candidates.

Identify investment managers to compare

Assist you to identify the most suitable investment managers according to your requirements.

Make relevant and detailed comparisons of investment managers

Collate, check and analyse the information gathered from the investment managers and provide you with in-depth, like for like, comparisons and analysis.

Assist with short-listing of investment managers

Present the results of the review and fully explain our analysis and findings to assist you to pick the Managers to be invited to make presentations.

Organise and run final presentations (beauty parade)

Once you’ve selected the finalists, we’ll communicate with the successful and unsuccessful Investment Managers and organise the formal presentations and interviews.

Oversee transition of assets

Assist with the take-on process of new investment managers including the negotiation of investment management fees, service requirements and the production of your Investment Policy Statement.

Provide full documentation on tender process

Provide a comprehensive report on the tender process and the decisions taken by the Trustees.

Timing: we can complete the process in around two months up to the transition stage and, other than that, we are happy to fit in with our Clients’ requirements.

Cost: £5,000 to £15,000 plus VAT depending on number of investment managers, portfolios and complexity. Our clients can recover all or most of these costs by incorporating a discount request within our tendering process.

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