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Ongoing Monitoring

Six monthly or annual independent monitoring of your Investment Managers and Portfolio(s).

Our ongoing monitoring service will enable you identify any areas of concern where early intervention may be required as well as providing reassurance when your Investment Managers are performing well.

Includes comprehensive reports and meetings to talk you through the findings.

Our monitoring service is flexible and is adapted for each client depending on their needs but will cover the following areas:

Review of Your Incumbent Investment Managers and Portfolio(s)

Portfolio performance

Complete a full assessment of the investment performance of your Portfolio(s) against the investment objectives, benchmarks and criteria given to your Investment Managers. This will also include comparisons with other major investment managers of private client assets and benchmarks across the main asset classes in which you invest. 

Risk analytics

Provide a study of the risk and volatility levels of your Portfolio(s) and compare these with benchmarks and the average portfolios of other private client investment managers. We will also provide risk adjusted performance return data so that you can see how well your Investments have performed relative to the investment risks that have been taken.

Strategic and tactical asset allocation

Provide an analysis of your asset allocation strategy and check that that it’s in line with the instructions to your Investment Managers.

Investment Income

Complete an assessment of the level of investment income generated by your Investment Managers compared to industry averages and your requirements.

Portfolio cost analysis

Provide an analysis of the ongoing level of investment management costs of your Portfolio(s) to ensure that the charges remain competitive and in line with what has been agreed with your Investment Managers. This will include a detailed review of the total costs that the Portfolio(s) incur and comparisons with the costs of other competitive providers.

Ongoing Review of Your Investment Policy Statement


Ensure that your Investment Policy Statement continues to match and properly communicate your investment needs and advise of any amendments that might be needed based on your investment requirements.


Annual: £2,000 to £4,000 plus VAT depending on number of investment managers, portfolios and complexity.

Six Monthly: £3,500 to £5,500 plus VAT depending on number of investment managers, portfolios and complexity.

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