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Investment Policy Development

The ongoing review and development of your Investment Policy is an extremely important aspect of the investment management process.

A strong Policy clearly defines your ongoing financial circumstances, investment objectives and sets the parameters and framework for your Investment Managers to work within.

Our team will work with you to clearly explain the choices available and assist you to produce an investment policy that fully communicates your investment needs covering the following key areas:

  • Investment aims and objectives
  • Risk profile and parameters
  • Capital growth and income requirements
  • Investment restrictions
  • Delegation of investment discretion
  • Timing of returns and liquidity requirements
  • Consideration of socially responsible investment criteria
  • Benchmarking and performance review framework

Our process:

  • Conduct a profiling exercise to understand your financial circumstances, investment needs and objectives.
  • Produce a first draft investment policy statement for discussion / amendment.
  • Meet with you or discuss over the telephone the draft statement and fully explain the range of choices on each area.
  • Provide an amended draft statement for comment.
  • Make any final amendments and provide completed investment policy statement to be implemented.

Timing: the process usually takes between one and two months to complete.

Cost: £800 to £1,500 plus VAT depending on number of investment managers, portfolios and complexity.

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